Using Xamarin, the New Signature team can prepare native applications for iOS, Android and Windows while only needing a single codebase. This drives down cost both during initial build and future maintenance cycles.

Xamarin solutions are comprised of two components; the internal core functionality and the UI display code. To gain the most efficiency, Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms are used to prepare a single code base for both components. Xamarin.Forms ensures that the UI is rendered in a native format particular to the individual platforms. Xamarin still has benefits to offer even when you want a divergent design experience on each platform. The core can still be crafted from a single code base, but custom rendering can be developed for each platform, allowing for absolute flexibility.

Making use of Xamarin allows New Signature to hook into the other features provided by the technology, including the Xamarin Test Cloud automated testing platform and Xamarin Insights analytics and error reporting.

With over 20,000 hours of Xamarin experience, our approach is proven to drive costs down by 25%.

Key Features

Expert Developers at a Lower Cost

With Xamarin, app developers need expert knowledge of only a single language.

Share Code Between Platforms

Using a common framework allows the addition of future platforms without significant cost.

Reuse Code Across Platforms

Native apps can be built more quickly, and at a lower overall cost.

Did you know?

New Signature launched and deployed 4 platforms in 1 day using Xamarin's cross-platform development capabilities.

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