The newest version of Windows Server offers your business streamlined efficiency and agility without sacrificing security. In fact, Windows Server offers multiple layers of security which monitor threats and protect your virtual machines. As always, you will control the identity and access permissions to ensure your information is safe. This, along with the ability to perform maintenance and make adjustments through the cloud makes for a solid and unshakable infrastructure.

Windows Server allows your business to run more easily with networking direct connections between Azure and your datacentre, and allows for increased, yet easily accessible storage options. Your ability to store in the cloud and scale that usage at any time helps to reduce costs and create a lean operations solution. And with Server Management, you can manage your servers from any location in an instant.

Key Features


Data security is one of the most pressing topics in business today. With a Microsoft solution under Windows Server, you will have access to the most innovative layers of security to keep your customers safe.


With Windows Server, you will reduce costs by virtualising your operations and having the ability to control your storage, usage and virtual machines.

In a business world where applications and programs are planets, Windows Server is the universe. It houses all that occurs within each infrastructure in a secure manner. And as our cloud-ready server continues to develop, you can innovate faster, store more and spend less.