Microsoft Visual Studio provides the most comprehensive set of tools and resources for development teams to collaborate, create and deliver incredible solutions across a variety of platforms.

Not only can you develop custom-built applications using Visual Studio’s coding tools in multiple languages (C++, JavaScript, Python and more), but now Visual Studio can be integrated with Xamarin to develop out-of-the-box applications which can be customised and can share code across the Windows, Android and iOS platforms.

In addition, Visual Studio comes equipped with powerful debugging tools to quickly diagnose issues with code and to conduct performance testing to ensure your application can handle real-world traffic. Finally, Visual Studio provides access to thousands of extensions allowing your team to customise both the IDE and to pull in reusable code for rapid development of common functionality.

Key Features

Developer Collaboration

All members of the app development team will use one single tool to collaborate on each project.

Integration Abilities

With Visual Studio, your team will have access to 1,000s of extensions, code languages, GIT integration and mobile and web tools.

Cost Reduction

Customers seeking applications can reduce costs with Visual Studio's Xamarin, which shares coding across Windows, Android and iOS.