SharePoint is optimised for the way people create, collaborate and communicate, providing people with a familiar, consistent view of information, collaboration and processes.

For IT, SharePoint is a comprehensive, easily-managed and integrated platform to meet the needs of the business.

New Signature helps our customers begin their SharePoint implementation through a rigorous business and technical analysis of current work processes, collaboration requirements, and the types of in-place content.  This information is processed into a set of documents that cover requirements; an architecture of the SharePoint structure and hierarchy that best meets the business’ needs; the sites, applications and forms required to disseminate information and improve collaboration; and a migration strategy to move information and data from previous locations and applications to SharePoint.

This analysis helps determine if your business should leverage SharePoint Server on-premises, SharePoint Online, a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution as part of Office 365, or, a hybrid of on-premises and cloud.  During our implementation and migration phases, New Signature also empowers your IT and business teams through Microsoft-certified education and learning curricula so they take full advantage of the SharePoint platform.

Key Features

Knowledge Sharing: The Fundamental Unit of Collaborative Work​

Today’s knowledge management has shifted from content-centric to people-centric. As a result, knowledge management portals now strategicall​y emphasise tacit knowledge by adding context to information via personal connections. Built on the SharePoint platform, New Signature’s portals are a powerful way for your employees, partners and customers to better collaborate and work together to create immediate business value.​

Improve Productivity through Better Knowledge Management

Your people represent the heart of the portal experience. Facilitate the creation, discovery and management of your business information by giving your employees choice and control over what they see – enhancing greater user participation, collaboration and team-building in the process. Search-driven applications deliver rich user experiences and provide easier access to mission-critical content and knowledge sources and help keep your content fresh with a broader, more distributed range of content contributors.

Engage Your Employees by Embracing Enterprise Social Networking

Leading enterprises recognise that people create knowledge. Social portals empower your employees by creating communities built around your brand, leading to stronger employee engagement and higher user adoption. According to a study done by Gallup, engaged employees can increase productivity by 18%, improve profitability by 12%, and reduce turnover by 51%.

Combine Great User Experiences with Rich Content

SharePoint offers your company a uniform platform to avoid confusion and deliver a user-friendly experience. We also incorporate your business logos, colour schemes and branding to bring the look and feel of your team to every aspect of your customised SharePoint portal.

Simplify and Consolidate Information

The power and flexibility of the SharePoint platform means portals can scale with the needs of your business: simplifying, personalising and consolidating the information and tools needed to get the job done. SharePoint integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise systems to manage large volumes of data, helping reduce IT headaches and simplify maintenance requirements. As one of North America’s foremost experts on SharePoint and developing multilingual portal solutions, New Signature is committed to making your knowledge management investment a success. Today, hundreds of thousands of employees at leading enterprises use New Signature-developed portals.

Stability and Security

Our SharePoint solutions are delivered to your company with data loss prevention in mind, and we will teach you how to be sure your company’s information is secure daily, and in the event of a disaster.