One of our goals at New Signature is to help your team achieve more by taking advantage of the best modern collaboration tools available through Microsoft. We use the cloud to leverage the best in productivity for your team. Microsoft Teams is a conglomeration of all the best of modern collaboration—video conferencing, chat capabilities, cloud storage, and accessibility through mobile devices.

Teams helps to drive the four major pieces of modern communication that high-performing teams require—communication tools, a central space for collaboration, a tailored experience and premium security features.

Implementing a Microsoft Teams solution with New Signature at your side can lead to an optimized experience and the expert guidance to reduce the learning curve and drive a stronger and quicker adoption. Employees at New Signature already use Teams internally, constantly learning about its functionalities and nuances, which positions us to better serve and educate our customers on the benefits and potential available when Microsoft Teams is unveiled for your business.

We offer strategy consultation by evaluating your current collaboration tools and environments and determine the best future state, based on your business industry, unique goals and requirements. We build the solution that is tailored to your needs and can also help to support the operation of that environment over time to ensure optimization through maintenance, patching and ongoing education.

Key Features

Intelligent Communication

A modern business requires the swiftness of modern communication. Microsoft Teams supports this by integrating chat-based thread conversations and video conferencing through a highly robust platform.

Collaboration Hub

Teams is not a tool for collaboration; it’s the entire toolbox. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, Power BI and Office Graph are all built into Microsoft Teams, enabling team members to work smarter. Teams is also built on Office 365 groups, creating a seamless collaboration space.


Every team consists of different individuals who will collaborate in a unique way. Teams is positioned to deliver a customizable workspace with the ability to personalize your options and dashboard, along with rich extensibility to interface with other products, and bots that work on your team's behalf.

Advanced Security

Microsoft Teams provides the flexibility of the cloud without sacrificing enterprise-level security, compliance and governance, including tools for eDiscovery, real-time encryptions, and multi-factor authentication.

Drinking the Champagne

New Signature has been using Teams internally, and has the expertise and capability to implement that success to your business, as well.

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