When your organisation is managing an important project, there may be many balls in the air at once. With Microsoft Project, your team can manage all the moving pieces in one place. Project offers the ability to view varying timelines, track costs, schedule tasks and collaborate.

Because Project is run through the cloud, any team member can access needed information, knowing that it will always be current. Project is also accessible from any device with the same familiar format. Project can also be run as part of Office 365, adding to the streamlined effectiveness of your Microsoft collaboration stack.

In addition to helping a project progress, Microsoft Project harnesses data into visualised predictions to show the future success of a project by tracking budget guidelines, pace and various other insights that help to shape informed decisions throughout the process. The project schedule turns the intangible into tangible; contributing to improved communications among all project participants.

Key Features

Planning Tools

Project delivers user-friendly timelines that help your team to collaborate and assign tasks and manage separate timelines in one convenient location.

Project Reporting

With prefabricated reports, you can track your project completion pace or upload and create your own charts and reports to share across the team and with project stakeholders.

Cloud Capabilities

No matter where your team members are, Project’s cloud cohesiveness enables borderless access across any device.

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Microsoft offers a dynamic blog featuring Microsoft Project developments.

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