Skype for Business Cloud PBX extends the Skype for Business Online experience by adding in telephony and phone conferencing functionality.

By utilising either your organisation’s current phone lines or the public switch telephone network (PTSN) via Microsoft, your employees will be able to make inbound and outbound calls and create conferences with dial in phone numbers, all leveraging the reach and flexibility of the Microsoft Cloud.

Cloud PBX also provides many of the features that companies find in business phones, such as call holding, retrieving, muting, forwarding and voicemail all with the ability to be accessed through any device in nearly any location.

With Cloud PBX, collaboration efficiency rises and organising your important contacts is simplified through the cloud, with the same information on your desktop, smartphone or tablet device. Your Skype for Business Cloud PBX solution is flexible in its deployment and can be fully cloud-based or a hybrid model that employs existing Skype for Business or existing PSTN connectivity on-premises.

Key Features


Because Cloud PBX runs through the cloud, you can reduce costs by not being required to purchase complicated equipment.


When all your contacts and call histories are in Skype for Business through the cloud, you can access the same configuration across all devices and from any location.


Do-not-disturb function, caller ID, video calling and many other call functions come standard with Cloud PBX and act as a standard PBX without the limitations.

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