Microsoft Azure is the most cohesive Microsoft business product to aid your company in streamlining a number of necessary actions. It is a fully-stacked and capable cloud-computing platform, scalable to any business size and customisable for any purpose. New Signature has Microsoft-certified Azure experts and consultants who assess your business, develop the virtual machines that you need to meet your goals and streamline your operations through the cloud.

To rein in the power of Azure in the cloud, the free Cloud Management Portal translates the complex data from your Azure subscriptions into an easily decipherable dashboard. Azure can manage your business applications, security, active directories, collaborative project files and many other functions. And all this work can be accessed across the field by any employee through the cloud. Azure adds common sense and convenience to your operations.

Key Features

Cloud Management Portal

With your free subscription to the Cloud Management Portal, you can bring the most important business data to your fingertips in the form of a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to mould data into useful information, as well as monitor your usage of virtual machines (VMs).

Dynamic Tools and Virtual Machines

Microsoft Azure plays host to a number of tools and virtual machines that allow you to customise your business processes and monitoring. You can run preconfigured applications with Azure, such as WordPress and notable CRMs, or create complex machines that run together to bring you the streamlined operations you need.

Cloud Benefits

Because Microsoft Azure is run through the cloud, your employees can access the information and applications they need in real time from any location with ease. This also allows for uniformity and continuity for a familiar experience, no matter the device.

Did you know?

Tech professionals can continually hone their Azure usage skills with the Azure Fridays learning series

New Signature knows Azure

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