Azure Site Recovery (ASR) provides a scalable, cost-effective, and easy to implement solution for improving disaster readiness. With ASR, your on-premises Windows and Linux workloads, whether physical or virtual, are replicated to Microsoft’s Azure datacenters. ASR provides easy, non-disruptive failover testing, flexible replications schedules, and automated recovery runbooks

Key Features

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Our disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) creates an orderly recovery of services that will be enabled in the instance of any type of website outage. Also, the updates can be maintained and updated without interruption to your existing network.

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With an Azure Site Recovery solution from New Signature, our Microsoft-certified consultants work with you through an intense analysis of your business plan and goals to develop the best product stack for you, and the Azure Site Recovery product is scalable to the size of your business—whether that be a small business, or large corporation.

Health Monitoring

For optimal health, we don’t just seek out a doctor in times of crisis. And your website is no different. Ongoing site health monitoring alerts your of any system health issues in real time—before a disaster occurs.

Be one step ahead of any possible threat

New Signature offers services to provide you with a comprehensive Recovery Plan.

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