The Microsoft Azure IoT Suite is a set of cloud services that helps you get started quickly with IoT projects. You can easily mine and analyze different types of corporate data to create new insights and predict outcomes. Make use of long-term data trends to find patterns and correlations that help you better understand your business and make it more agile and cost-efficient.

Securely connect, capture, and store machine-generated data from your business assets. Microsoft designed its Azure IoT Suite to integrate existing processes, assets, devices, and systems, which will help you automate many workflows and create new opportunities for innovation.

New Signature can help you securely connect your IoT data to Microsoft’s powerful business intelligence and CRM solutions, and other business applications. You will be able to improve operational performance and establish optimized business processes by integrating leading-edge IoT solutions with familiar systems and Microsoft technologies you already own and use in your company. You can also add New Signature Managed Services to monitor the health and performance of your cloud and IoT solutions.

Key Features

Accelerated Start-up

Azure IoT Suite comes with many pre-configured solutions that help you get up and running quickly.

Flexible Connections

Connect a broad range of existing assets, new devices, and common operating systems.

Predictive Intelligence

Add advanced analytics and machine learning to capture new insights from all your core data.

Legacy Integrations

Integrate with your existing business solutions and automate the use of all your corporate data and processes.

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