Most security breaches begin with credentials. Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA–part of the Enterprise Mobility Suite) monitors all login traffic to flag alerts and irregularities. If a breach is found, ATA  supplies a detailed timeline and recovery plan in response.

Key Features

Comprehensive Detection

ATA works around the clock to ensure that any suspicious or unusual behavior is flagged and analyzed, then reported to you. From there, a suggested response is outlined.

Alerting & Reporting

It’s not enough to know that your network has been breached; you need to know how to prepare the proper counter-attack and enact the proper protections. A security breach may be the last thing you hope happens while running a business, you can be confident that ATA will be the first to alert your team on the proper response required.


Over time, your ATA system becomes customized to your network behaviors and common activities. It uses this information, along with its own research, to build a system standard that helps to detect suspicious interactions.

Advanced Threat Analytics runs as part of the Microsoft Mobility Suite.

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Did you know?

The average time it takes a business without ATA to detect an attacker is around 200 days.

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