Create the best starting point for your employees to adopt their new Teams toolset. We help you map out your workplace group structure ahead of your Microsoft Teams rollout so that the product comes organization-ready.

New Signature has developed a jumpstart service to increase Teams adoption and drive greater success after your Teams implementation. Our Teamwork Jumpstart* helps customers to make that first leap by providing a predefined Team and the requisite channels that allow a Manager and their direct reports to have a starting point for group collaboration that can naturally fit inside an existing organizational dynamic.

One commonality across almost every organization is that every employee collaborates with other people and works to meet business goals through the execution of projects. Microsoft Teams was created to empower users success through the ability to work in one central space, saving time and allowing your work groups to house and share files, groups, calendars, hold video conferences, chat and more.

Once your initial Teams roadmap is developed, many businesses struggle with where to start. If they do too much, it may be months before they roll out the product. However, if they do too little, users struggle with adoption when Teams is available for their use.

Key Benefits of the Teamwork Jumpstart:

We provide predefined templates that drive the creation of Teams sites based on manager data already populated in your Active Directory or HR systems. This gives each user a go-to team that has all the necessary channels that give them access to the projects and people they are familiar with, which drives better inclusivity and increases Teams collaboration.

From channels and tabs to groups and extensions, each company can structure their Teams environment in a way that will encourage greater user adoption and provides the organization a starting point for using Teams and demonstrates solutions, not just features.

The Teamwork Jumpstart delivers direction for your organization and ease of use by structuring much of the Teams architecture prior to roll-out. This gets people working with their new tools faster and with less obstacles in adoption.

There are many ways in which the Jumpstart increases engagement. Microsoft Stream integration helps share a self-service knowledge library which accelerates training and education around Teams,. Finally, we implement a feedback form for your users to guide the future of their Teams experience.

All of these benefits of the Teamwork Jumpstart helps to drives greater and swifter adoption of Teams, maximizing your investment and optimizing the productivity of your employees through the streamlined communication and collaboration tools of Teams.

Cloud Adoption: One Size Does Not Fit All

At New Signature, we understand that every customer is at a different place on the adoption continuum when it comes to the Office 365 suite. Some groups are cloud-natives and have embraced are able to iterate through new features and technologies with little fanfare, while other groups are early in their cloud journey and are just learning how to adapt to the idea of introducing new features and capabilities on an ongoing basis. Cloud Adoption is in our DNA and we pride ourselves in being able to meet our customers wherever they are on their journey.

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Don’t just provide your workplace with the best tools; revolutionize the way they work by providing them with the framework to dive fearlessly into Teams.