NS:GO Work Anywhere 2020Remote employees can be as effective as on-site employees. In fact, providing remote work has been found to increase productivity by 55%. With secure cloud-based tools and services from Microsoft, your employees can communicate, collaborate and accomplish more, wherever they are.

Whether you’re looking at extending your network beyond your offices, enabling your employees with the right tools to be effective, securing your new perimeter or publishing your desktop applications anywhere in the world, New Signature can help you increase productivity, whilst also staying secure.

Microsoft’s cloud-based security and collaboration solutions help you solve these challenges in a fraction of the time that would be required on-premises, more cost effectively and delivered from a scalable, global platform.


Secure and performant network connectivity across your devices, datacenters, offices and remote user devices is vital to enable your teams to work anywhere

Network connectivity is a vital ingredient for any distributed workforce. Traditional VPN solutions can struggle to keep up with the demands of the modern remote worker. They are complex, expensive, and often fail to deliver the performance users demand.

Building Upon NetFoundry

Building upon Microsoft’s deep and growing partnership with NetFoundry, we can create all the connectivity needed to properly support remote users on any device. We work with NetFoundry to deploy software-defined application-based wide area networks (SD-WAN), known as APPWANs. These AppWANs deliver improved performance and a zero-trust based model to build secure mesh networks across devices, datacenters and offices in a matter of minutes.

Included Services

Network Anywhere

With New Signature’s Network Anywhere service, we can quickly and simply deploy cloud-native technologies to unblock performance bottlenecks. Network Anywhere can leverage cloud-native VPN technology built into Azure to securely publish web applications, or AppWAN technology to seamlessly connect your users over a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN).

WVD Jumpstart

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a cloud-based desktop and application virtualization service used for companies with specialized workloads, and whose employees work from anywhere. We can help you deploy your new WVD environment quickly and simply. Because it’s built on Microsoft Azure, you can seamlessly scale with user demand. Also leveraging Windows 10’s new multi-session capabilities, so you can run more users on the same infrastructure. This makes it significantly more cost effective than competing solutions.

Teamwork Deployment

Our Teams Deployment service follows on from the Teamwork Assessment to deploy a digital collaboration workplace that helps employees to be more productive, connected and informed.

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