NS:GO Teamwork Support 2020In order for your teams to collaborate efficiently, you need to be able to ensure that their workplace systems are managed, optimized and protected. New Signature’s Teamwork Support provides end user support and management service for the entire Office 365 suite, from Outlook and Teams to SharePoint and OneDrive.



New Signature’s DriveTrain technology integrates with ServiceNow™ to collect relevant event information from your environment requiring review by our expert team. Our team leverages ServiceNow™ to manage support incidents and service requests according to ITIL best practices, to fulfill requests or resolve incidents in the most efficient way possible.

How Does Teamwork Support Benefit:

  • Workplace?
    We know modern workplaces, and we can provide the best expert recommendations for your Office 365 environment, as well as aid in enhancing adoption of these tools to leverage the most from your intelligent workplace suite.
  • Applications?
    Every Office 365 application needs to be consistently monitored and patched, and every time a user joins or leaves your network, their access adjusts. We manage this workload for you so you can focus on strategic business tasks.
  • Security?
    From incident management and round-the-clock support to phishing alerts and user identity and access services, Teamwork Support is your most comprehensive choice for securing your intelligent workplace.

Included Services

Office 365 Management

Office 365 Management is a Managed Service delivered by New Signature technology professionals that provides platform support for ongoing management, operation and adoption of Office 365. Office 365 Management helps customers stay up on the rapid rate of change in Office 365 while removing the need to handle the day to day operations.

End-User Service Desk

Extend support for other New Signature's managed services directly to your end users, removing the need to establish and maintain an in-house service desk for the managed services provided by New Signature.

Teamwork Security

Plan ahead and keep data safeguarded. This solution helps you manage, optimize and protect all your Office 365 environments. The service keeps Office 365 cloud-based productivity suites safe from data breaches by providing monitoring for potential threats, management of patching and security actions and 24/7 support to customers.

Support Your Teams’ Productivity

Teamwork Support is the complete solution to benefit your workplace

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