NS:GO Secure Workplace 2020 FlyerNew Signature’s Secure Workplace leverages a Zero Trust approach, bringing together security expertise and technology to create a secure workplace that is protected from threats – enabling users to stay productive whilst also remaining safe.




Microsoft detects 5 billion threats on devices every month.

Workplaces look vastly different today than they did even a few years back. We have entered a new world of collaboration and connectivity.

While it’s important that every organization focuses on how technology can empower a workforce to deliver competitive differentiation, it’s also vital that your users and your data are protected from threats. Just as workplace technology has evolved, so have threats and malware. Every day, threat actors are actively attacking all aspects of your digital workplace. They’re phishing your users’ identities. They’re attempting to access your collaboration systems. They’re attacking anything and everything they can find.

Benefits of a Secure Workplace
With the adoption of a Zero Trust model, your organization can benefit from a holistic approach to threat protection. A Zero Trust environment is built on top of user identities and layers on additional security controls that assign the least number of privileges to given roles and responsibilities. This stringent identity verification and an assumption of a breach at every level means that your workplace operates according to a whole new security paradigm.

Zero trust is the most effective way possible to secure your organization – that’s why New Signature’s Secure Workplace solution leverages the Zero Trust methodology. We provide your organization with the right operational controls, tooling and expertise needed to maintain the highest levels of security for your users.

Included Services

Identity Security

New Signature’s Identity Security managed service provides round-the-clock comprehensive management of your identity security platform. By integrating our experts seamlessly into your existing staff and leveraging tools like Azure Security Graph and Advanced Threat Protection, this service includes monitoring, security incident alerting and investigation, as well as proactive services that help to improve your security posture over time through ongoing reporting and recommendations.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security provides 24×7 enterprise-class security management for the Microsoft Defender ATP platform. Our dedicated support teams and operations center works to provide operational agility, elasticity, and productivity. New Signature employs incident investigation, proactive services and reporting to ensure we maintain the safety and security of critical business systems and workloads that reside in the cloud or on-premises.

Teamwork Security

Plan ahead and keep data safeguarded. This solution helps you manage, optimize and protect all your Office 365 environments. The service keeps Office 365 cloud-based productivity suites safe from data breaches by providing monitoring for potential threats, management of patching and security actions and 24/7 support to customers.

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