NS:GO Platform Health 2020Having experts in your corner to ensure that your Azure environment is protected and operating at peak performance allows your business and its users to experience greater agility and peace of mind. We have developed New Signature’s Platform Health to provide you with 24/7 cloud-based IT health and performance monitoring using the power of Azure Monitor and Service Now™ to pinpoint issues in real-time and remediate them quickly.


Without an Incident response team, the average time taken to identify and contain a data breach is 279 days.

The goal of Platform Health is to alleviate your staff with the expertise, tooling and insight that is required to keep your Azure datacenters are managed, optimized and protected. From patching your platform and managing administrative tasks to resolving incidents around the clock and monitoring for any threats, our specialists will maintain your environment is functioning at its utmost.

Whether it’s servers in your datacenter or VMs deployed into public cloud, we can manage, patch and monitor them.​ We detect possible issues, threats, determine the root cause and provide comprehensive reporting of the estate’s health and compliance status through our Alert Management service, as well as access to monthly reports.

Included Services

IaaS and PaaS Management

Ensure that your critical business systems are monitored by a team of experts 24×7 to minimize downtime and protect your systems from loss. This service monitors the health of both on-premises and cloud based environments, provides alert investigation to resolve detected issues, manages server operating system patch installation and Windows Defender updates and protects valuable data with backup and disaster recovery services.

Platform Security

New Signature’s Platform Security managed service provides cloud-based, complete end-to-end security for your critical infrastructure platforms, wherever they are. Leveraging the complete range of cloud-scale security solutions from Microsoft, you can be secure in the knowledge your valuable data is protected and safe, 24×7.

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