We’ve reimagined what the journey to a cloud-native end state looks like, helping our customers to work more efficiently as they transform their IT operations. GO is our cloud-native operating model, leveraging features that are built into Azure, removing the need to rely on incompatible, third-party products. We use our exclusive GO/Drivetrain to rapidly speed up the deployment, governance and operation of your modern cloud environment.

Our Current Intelligent Cloud Solutions:

Platform Health
The goal of Platform Health is to alleviate your staff with the expertise, tooling and insight that is required to keep your Azure datacenters are managed, optimized and protected. From patching your platform and managing administrative tasks to resolving incidents around the clock and monitoring for any threats, our specialists will maintain your environment is functioning at its utmost.
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Azure Launchpad
New Signature’s Azure Launchpad is available in three editions: Essentials, Advanced and Enterprise. Whichever edition you choose, it still has automation at its core. You’ll be provided with all of the build artifacts as part of your landing zone. This ensures that as you migrate applications or build new experiences, the same controls and governance are enforced, getting your IT pros and developers productive, while also safe and secure.
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App Factory
 New Signature’s App Factory is a structured, comprehensive framework to assess, migrate and modernize your applications to Microsoft’s Azure platform. Some applications may only be capable of rehosting, while some you may be able to refactor. For others, you’ll choose to invest in rearchitecting, and a handful may be rebuilt or replaced. Like on a game board, the number of potential pathways to success can be overwhelming.
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Azure Accelerator
Made up of our Impact Assessment, Economic Assessment and Azure Launchpad, Azure Accelerator is a trio of services that accelerate you to the cloud. These services have been assembled in a flexible manner so you are able to choose any or all of these services, customizing your solution for your current state to determine the most beneficial engagement for your company.
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Secure Cloud
New Signature’s Secure Cloud solution layers this with the expertise needed to prevent, detect, investigate and respond to threats through our 24/7/365 managed service. We leverage tools such as Advanced Threat Protection, Azure Sentinel, Azure Security Center and the Thycotic privileged access management system to collect data, assess your current security state, ensure approved user access and provide recommendations toward creating a more mature cloud security model.
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Application Health
New Signature’s Application Health provides services to ensure that your applications are optimized, managed and protected. Built on top of Azure DevOps, it is based on a fully automated deployment motion, leveraging continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines to deploy and release updates.
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Azure Launchpad for DevOps
Launchpad for DevOps is a solution exclusive to New Signature that helps your business leaders approach technological challenges holistically and overcome them by bringing together the essential components of your business—its people, its products and its operations.
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