NS:GO Identity Health 2020Identity is the new first line of defense in a world of the cloud and it’s vital you take advantage of proper tooling and expertise to help secure and protect it. New Signature’s Identity Health managed service provides 24X7X365 monitoring for your users and organization, as well as investigative support, taking action against any alerts.



74% of data breaches start with privileged credential abuse that could have been averted if the organization had adopted a proper identity strategy.

Your identity as an organization is made up of your values, your culture, your employees, your customers and your data, and you need proper monitoring and management to protect them all. We can make sure that every time a user logs into an application and accesses business information, any risk or threat to your systems are mitigated.

Protecting Your Users:
New Signature manages the processes that help protect each user’s data, including the application of multifactor authentication and management of the entire authentication environment, ensuring that each log-in is authenticated and that each user is only accessing approved information. Our service delivery team can also assist in log-in troubleshooting and technical account management

Protecting Your Organization:
Our experts manage users in Azure AD and can provide custom access based on roles and responsibilities. We remove the burden of managing and securing your identity landscape by monitoring for any identity-related alerts and keeping detailed reports of any issues and remediation steps. Whether it’s unusual login activity, or other red flags, we are your skilled team of professionals who will pinpoint and remedy any identity threat.

Included Services

Identity Infrastructure Management

Identity Infrastructure Management​ provides a comprehensive and cost-effective management service for identity services (Active Directory, Azure AD and MFA). Our experts integrate with your existing IT services, enabling a great user experience and freeing you up to work on initiatives that deliver significant business value while New Signature efficiently handles the operational activities normally associated with managing identity services. ​

Identity Security

New Signature’s Identity Security managed service provides round-the-clock comprehensive management. By integrating our experts seamlessly into your existing team and leveraging powerful tools like Azure Active Directory Identity Protection and Azure ATP, you can focus on your business while we work to protect it. We also provide proactive services to improve your security posture over time through ongoing reporting and recommendations.

Rest Easy

Our experts work vigilantly to protect your users so that you can focus on your business.

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