Cyber security remains a hot topic for UK businesses and the introduction of GDPR in 2018 presents some key challenges with significant financial penalties for businesses that get it wrong.

New Signature has teamed up with Aprose Risk, a leading UK cyber security and data privacy practice, to offer you a holistic approach to readying yourself for the introduction of GDPR. Together, our collective expertise provides you with a wealth of cyber security, data privacy and best practice expertise combined with industry leading Microsoft cloud professionals to quickly identify how you measure up to the new regulations and what you need to do to.

The GDPR Readiness Assessment is designed to clearly outline the new GDPR obligations and help you to understand how it affects your business, the impact to your marketing strategy, and what it means for your people, processes and technology.

Phase 1
The New Signature GDPR Readiness Assessment is a programmatic approach to discover, assess, identify and address your business risk and governance obligations in line with GDPR requirements which will incorporate cyber security best practice such as ISO 27001.

Phase 2
The second phase is designed to bring together the output from phase 1 and set out how all the various pieces fit together to provide a solution to the GDPR challenges which can be implemented ‘at pace’. This elegant option is supported by an agile cloud technology architecture which can be easily integrated with your existing technology platform.

Included Services

Enterprise-wide Visibility

Through a series of initial workshops, experts from New Signature and Aprose Risk will help you assess existing data privacy and cyber security controls, engaging with your executive to establish your compliance position. We’ll provide you with a detailed understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your current position and how to demonstrate practical compliance within GDPR requirements.

Fast Course-correction

Your business will be able to move forward confidently with a comprehensive roadmap which defines what GDPR compliance looks like for your business and provides a set of solutions for those challenges which can be implemented ‘at pace’.

Future-proof Working Practice

Your GDPR roadmap will also detail new ways of working which align to your business strategy and set out the new capabilities required to meet GDPR obligations now and in the future.

Cloud-enabled Confidence

New Signature’s GDPR readiness service is supported by an agile cloud technology architecture which can easily be implemented alongside existing technology platform. The underpinning cloud based architecture services interact at key ‘compliance touch points’ to make retrieval of GDPR regulatory evidence easy to gather in the future.

Prepare your business for GDPR

To build a detailed understanding of your requirements and ready yourself, connect with New Signature.