NS:GO Endpoint Health 2020Today’s mobile workforce requires comprehensive management and protection for all your user devices, from office computers and laptops to the mobile devices that power your employees on the go. We understand that staying on top of this might distract you from your business and can be costly and time consuming. That’s where New Signature comes in.



72% of companies cite data leakage/loss as the top security concern regarding users accessing business data on their own personal devices.

Endpoint Health complements and integrates with your existing IT services, and can be applied to any devices running Microsoft, Apple and Android operating systems. By removing operational distractions normally associated with managing endpoints, we enable your team to focus on providing great user support and focus on the initiatives that deliver significant business value.

Created from the cloud, with built-in support for Windows 10 automatic enrollment and mobile device management, this solution gives your users self-service ability to enroll devices using Microsoft Intune.

  • Management
    New Signature provides management of all your endpoints, from the computers to mobile devices, as well as device provisioning services, which means that we can provide the proper configuration and policy management required for each device, while ensuring the overall health of your endpoint environment through the lifecycle.
  • Protection
    We ensure each device is protected and running at a peak performance level by providing consistent desktop OS patching services and managed endpoint threat detection security services.
  • Reporting
    As part of this service, our experts will provide you with reporting and analytics on both an organizational and user level to help gain deeper insight into workplace trends and device usage.
  • Support
    Should an issue arise, our service delivery team can help you analyze and manage any incidents and resolve them efficiently to keep your teams working without interruption.
  • Applications
    As important as each device is, so are each of the applications that your users need to have access to in order to remain productive on a daily basis. When your organization need to roll out new applications or updates to existing applications, we manage that all expertly for you.

Included Services

WVD Management

Our WVD Management service provides a complete management service for your WVD environment, making sure the platform is scaled, secure and available.

Mobile Management

Most employees today access business data on mobile devices, both corporate-owned and personal devices. New Signature’s mobile management service provides complete 24x7x365 health protection and compliance for all your enterprise Apple and Android mobile devices and publishing of applications onto those devices.

Desktop Management

Our Desktop Management service provides comprehensive management for all your organization’s Windows 10 environments. Using tools like Microsoft Endpoint Management, our experts work to consistently patch, monitor, support and protect all your desktop and laptop instances while you focus on your business.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security provides 24×7 enterprise-class security management for the Microsoft Defender ATP platform. Our dedicated support teams and operations center works to provide operational agility, elasticity, and productivity. New Signature employs incident investigation, proactive services and reporting to ensure we maintain the safety and security of critical business systems and workloads that reside in the cloud or on-premises.

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