New Signature’s Azure services are designed to help organisations rapidly onboard and consume Microsoft Azure infrastructure services. Aimed at businesses with an existing Azure commitment which they have yet to take up, or those about to make a commitment and wishing to onboard immediately, ‘Azure On’ and ‘Azure Foundation’ provide a perfect instrument to help the business move rapidly towards its goals and benefit from either an initial “starter” instance or fully operational Azure environment.

Azure ‘On’

The ‘Azure On’ draws on New Signature’s years of experience, standardised Azure designs and IP (intellectual property) to get you up and running with your starter Azure environment, which can be used for pilots or development activities. At every stage of the engagement, our Azure experts will “show and guide” you through the set-up of your environment, provide knowledge transfer to the in-house team and familiarisation training of the Azure Management Portal to ensure efficient ongoing management.

Azure ‘Foundation’

For those businesses wanting to step straight into an operationally-ready Azure environment, ‘Azure Foundation’ experience takes you a step further. The engagement starts with a comprehensive workshop at which New Signature experts will review current Azure needs, help define an end state architecture and build out your “production-graded” environment in Azure – an environment ready to host your apps and workloads. Again, working in partnership with your internal teams to ensure knowledge transfer at every stage, you’ll be ready to engage the business and start consuming Azure services immediately.





Requirements Discovery Workshop

  • On-premises 1-day discovery workshop executed with customer
Tailored Engagement
Engagement Planning and Azure Design Phase
Customer Hands-On Azure Implementation Workshop

  • On-premises 1-day implementation workshop executed with customer
Azure Implementation and Build-out Phase

  • Implementation schedule and design execution as signed-off by customer
Implementation and Build-out Scope:
Azure Subscription Set-up

  • Creation of customer’s basic subscription, departments and accounts with outline governance model in the Azure Enterprise Portal
Identity and Access Extension to Public Cloud

  • Azure Active Directory (AAD) base enumeration
  • Extend customer’s on-premises Active Directory (AD) to Azure
  • Provision two domain controllers (DC) and enable synchronisation
Identity and Single Sign-on

  • Azure AD Connect base enumeration
  • Establish single identity and authentication model
Azure Network Configuration and Connectivity

  • Creation and build out of VNET structure, with IP addressing schema for future deployments
  • Deploy a Dynamic Routing/Route Based Azure VPN Gateway(s)
  • Creation of “Site-to-Sight” (S2S) VPN connection between the Azure Subscription and the customer local site(s)
Security and Access Controls

  • Creation and deployment of network security groups
  • Creation and deployment of user defined routes
Automation Starter

  • Creation of basic Azure Resource Manager templates for re-use
  • Creation of basic Azure Tag for greater granular controls
Backup and Recovery Starter

  • Define Azure backup policy, deploy and test
  • Create one (1) test case for Azure Site Recovery service, deploy and test
Operations and Monitoring Starter

  • Creation of OMS Log Analytics Workspace to Monitor DCs
  • Enablement of AD Assessment, AD Replication and Network Performance Monitor Solution Packs in OMS Log Analytics
Service Transition

  • Hand-over to Customer’s Service Teams

Included Services

Improve Azure time to value

With New Signature Azure package services, your business will accelerate Azure onboarding and reduce infrastructure deployment time. That means your business starts to experience the benefits of the cloud faster, whilst reducing project cycles and speeding up technology wins. New innovation and digital transformation programmes can be swiftly implemented with security and control.

Reduce IT costs and improve ROI

Swiftly expand your datacentre footprint with minimal upfront investment and help your business to tap into your existing Microsoft Azure commitment. Drive business change and IT transformation, with next to no impact on internal support teams and skills requirement, and the scalability and flexibility to effortlessly addresses changes in demand for resources.

Reduce risk and security posture

We recognise that introducing public cloud services can feel risky. New Signature Azure experts ensure a smooth transition that negates many of the project risks and security challenges customers often face when working alone. Our comprehensive services take your teams through envisioning, customisation and deployment stages ensuring that your business is operational and productive in your new environment with reduced risk and disruption to ‘business as usual’.

Future visibility

With all Azure packaged services, you receive access to New Signature’s Cloud Management Portal providing your business with a comprehensive online hub to easily access consumption and usage information helping your business to reduce unnecessary spending and improve operational efficiency.

Connect with a New Signature Expert

Your organisation may be entitled to have part or the entire packaged offer funded as part of a Microsoft promotion, if you are looking to rapidly onboard Microsoft Azure, connect with the New Signature team today