NS:GO Azure Launchpad Flyer At New Signature, a landing zone is the cornerstone of our end-to-end approach to help you on your journey to Azure. With a proper landing zone, you’ll have an environment that’s been provisioned and prepared to host workloads in your new cloud world. We’ve invested heavily in making your landing zone fully featured with automation, governance and security. We leverage several capabilities native to the platform to support the controls you need to have in place to build that safe environment.


Azure Launchpad is the starting point of any great adventure, the place where you will begin your cloud journey with momentum into a bright new future.

New Signature’s Azure Launchpad is available in three editions: Essentials, Advanced and Enterprise. Whichever edition you choose, it still has automation at its core. You’ll be provided with all of the build artifacts as part of your landing zone. This ensures that as you migrate applications or build new experiences, the same controls and governance are enforced, getting your IT pros and developers productive, while also safe and secure.

Included Services

Landing Zone

Your customized Landing Zone is built from the ground up using GO and automates all of the work of deploying your base Azure environment using native technologies. This service is available in three editions– Essentials, Advanced and Enterprise—and has monitoring and management built-in, whether you want to manage your Azure environment yourself, or you’d prefer New Signature to manage it on your behalf.

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