NS:GO Launchpad For DevOps 2020At the intersection of people, processes and technology is the potential you need to accelerate your ideas and grow your business. It’s vital that your product innovations are delivered to customers quickly and that they experience little to no downtime to compete in today’s fast-paced market.




Elite DevOps performers have 2555x faster lead time from commitment to deployment.

The solution to meet this objective is DevOps, which allows you to deliver the best in innovations with reliability and control. New Signature can offer the best starting point to begin your journey with DevOps. Launchpad for DevOps is a solution exclusive to New Signature that helps your business leaders approach technological challenges holistically and overcome them by bringing together the essential components of your business—its people, its products and its operations.

How does Launchpad for DevOps Benefit:

  • People?
    When you’re a DevOps-focused company, your talent can spend more time innovating than worrying about business continuity or constantly battling outages and product delivery issues. The work also builds on itself as new product roll-outs improve their own experiences.
  • Processes?
    When your teams can focus more time on innovation, the result is that you are able to provide better products delivered in a better timeline, keeping customers happier and employees engaged in the process and creating a more agile workplace.
  • Technology?
    By empowering your teams to innovate in a more agile fashion, you can revolutionize your technological landscape and continually improve over time and, in turn, provide your people and operations with the best tooling to continue replicating the DevOps iterative cycles.

Included Services

Landing Zone

Azure Landing Zone Launchpad, is built from the ground up using GO, an automated end-to-end provisioning and management platform. It automates all of the work of deploying your base Azure environment, the Azure Landing Zone, using native technologies such as Blueprints, Policies, Templates and Configurations.

Azure Launchpad has monitoring and management built-in, out of the box. Whether you want to managed your Azure environment yourself, or you'd prefer New Signature to manage it on your behalf, everything you need will be set-up, enforced, and ready to go.

DevOps Assessment

Our DevOps Assessment service is a discovery engagement performed to assess and document the maturity of current processes used within the software development lifecycle of your organization. The output of the DevOps Assessment is a high-level business case and roadmap identifying high-value opportunities for improvement, along with budgetary estimates and indicative timelines required to mature the overall practices of the organization.

DevOps Jumpstart

New Signature’s DevOps Jumpstart workshop helps organizations to understand the core concepts of the Azure DevOps platform, uncover how to streamline processes and leverage powerful automation so your teams are free to focus more time on innovation.

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