NS: GO - Azure Accelerator Kit FlyerAt New Signature, we understand that organizations are finding it difficult to start their public cloud journey. We have assembled our best-selling Azure onboarding services and solutions into a trio so that you’re your business can accelerate toward the cloud. This trio has been assembled in a flexible manner so you are able to choose any or all of these services, customizing your solution for your current state to determine the most beneficial engagement for your company.


No matter where you are on your cloud journey, we have the solution for your organization.

GO Impact Assessment

This starting point assessment is designed to navigate your cloud journey via a contextual and value-based transformation approach. While it may not be the only recommendation we have, this series of workshops will provide a firm foundation for your future cloud journey.

GO Economic Assessment

As your organization already knows the benefits you will gain by migrating to Azure, this assessment will enable you to better understand the cost by providing a detailed multidimensional forecast of cloud migration and run costs using a blend of tooling and our expertise.

GO Azure Launchpad
If you are ready to deploy your first modest footprint in Azure, this is the engagement that does exactly that. We will build out a Landing Zone in Azure and connect this to your network and identity, as well as deploy some cloud-native service tooling to help you on your unique cloud journey. We’ll complete this engagement by helping you move a non-critical workload into Azure.

Included Services

Cloud Economics

New Signature’s Cloud Economics helps your team define costs and potential benefits of a cloud-first model. In this engagement, we leverage Azure Migrate, our cloud expertise and discovery tooling to identify systems to migrate and estimate costs. The engagement results in a report showing the total economic impact of moving to Azure, as well as a prioritized roadmap for workloads to be moved.

Azure Landing Zone

Azure Landing Zone Launchpad, is built from the ground up using GO, an automated end-to-end provisioning and management platform. It automates all of the work of deploying your base Azure environment, the Azure Landing Zone, using native technologies such as Blueprints, Policies, Templates and Configurations.

Azure Launchpad has monitoring and management built-in, out of the box. Whether you want to managed your Azure environment yourself, or you'd prefer New Signature to manage it on your behalf, everything you need will be set-up, enforced, and ready to go.

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