NS:GO Application Health 2020 New Signature’s Application Health provides services to ensure that your applications are optimized, managed and protected. Built on top of Azure DevOps, it is based on a fully automated deployment motion, leveraging continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines to deploy and release updates.



Providing a complete solution to deploying, managing and supporting your custom-built applications.


Our experts are always on the clock. Monitoring for performance, errors, incidents and exceptions, while also working to fine-tune your application platforms to accommodate growth and change.

Support and Remediation

When issues arise, we work to triage the issues and provide speedy resolution. This includes investigation of the cloud platform and application for any issues, batched updates to code and configuration, as well as critical incident support and escalations to Microsoft when necessary. This allows you to focus on more strategic business initiatives.


At New Signature, we document everything. And as part of this solution, we manage your development backlog, reports and user stories. We also maintain code repositories, as well as develop, test and deploy new functionality.

Release Management

We manage the deployment of new features through the release cycles and work to test, execute and automate those features with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI-CD) pipelines. Beyond that, we help to provide governance over your applications using best practices and your own unique corporate policies.

Included Services

Application Management

New Signature’s Application Management service provides comprehensive support for application workloads. It encompasses all the of the features of IaaS and PaaS Management, but also adds application support and code defect remediation (for New Signature developed applications) to the list of features.

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