New Signature Offers deliver packaged technologies, services and solutions perfect for your business requirements

App Factory

Each application across your estate is unique, and each will have its own journey to the cloud. New Signature’s App Factory is a structured, comprehensive framework to assess, migrate and modernize your applications to Microsoft’s Azure platform. … Read more

Application Health

New Signature’s Application Health provides services to ensure that your applications are optimized, managed and protected. Built on top of Azure DevOps, it is based on a fully automated deployment motion, leveraging continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines to deploy and release updates. … Read more

Azure Accelerator

At New Signature, we understand that organizations are finding it difficult to start their public cloud journey. We have assembled our best-selling Azure onboarding services and solutions into a trio so that you’re your business can accelerate toward the cloud. This trio has been assembled in a flexible manner so you are able to choose any or all of these services, customizing your solution for your current state to determine the most beneficial engagement for your company. … Read more

Azure Launchpad

At New Signature, a landing zone is the cornerstone of our end-to-end approach to help you on your journey to Azure. With a proper landing zone, you’ll have an environment that’s been provisioned and prepared to host workloads in your new cloud world. We’ve invested heavily in making your landing zone fully featured with automation, governance and security. We leverage several capabilities native to the platform to support the controls you need to have in place to build that safe environment: … Read more

Azure Launchpad for DevOps

At the intersection of people, processes and technology is the potential you need to accelerate your ideas and grow your business. It’s vital that your product innovations are delivered to customers quickly and that they experience little to no downtime to compete in today’s fast-paced market. … Read more

Cloud Envisioning Day

Cloud Envisioning Day

New Signature assists our clients in every step of their cloud journey—from envisioning, through deployment, and beyond. … Read more

Cloud Management for Azure

Cloud Management for Azure

New Signature’s Cloud Management for Azure delivers a complete solution, providing you with one partner for all your Azure needs. Our experts cater to all your Azure-related requirements to ensure your cloud investment will be optimized, managed and protected. … Read more

Desktop Experience

Desktop Experience

Maximise your ability to quickly adapt to changing business needs with New Signature’s system management service for enterprise desktops … Read more

Endpoint Health

Today’s mobile workforce requires comprehensive management and protection for all your user devices, from office computers and laptops to the mobile devices that power your employees on the go. We understand that staying on top of this might distract you from your business and can be costly and time consuming. That’s where New Signature comes in. … Read more

Going Digital

Becoming a digital business is key to thriving in this new digital world, and GO, New Signature’s end-to-end approach to building digital operating models, can transform your modern business. … Read more

Healthcare Team Collaboration Labs

Healthcare Team Collaboration Labs

New Signature’s Healthcare Team Collaboration Labs use the very latest digital workplace and workspace solutions from Microsoft together with prototype use case templates and packaged IP to help you reimagine how your teams can collaborate, communicate and achieve more, faster. … Read more

Identity Health

Identity is the new first line of defense in a world of the cloud and it’s vital you take advantage of proper tooling and expertise to help secure and protect it. New Signature’s Identity Health managed service provides 24X7X365 monitoring for your users and organization, as well as investigative support, taking action against any alerts. … Read more

Intelligent Cloud Solutions

We’ve reimagined what the journey to a cloud-native end state looks like, helping our customers to work more efficiently as they transform their IT operations. GO is our cloud-native operating model, leveraging features that are built into Azure, removing the need to rely on incompatible, third-party products. We use our exclusive GO/Drivetrain to rapidly speed up the deployment, governance and operation of your modern cloud environment. … Read more

Intelligent Enterprise Solutions

Intelligent Enterprise Solutions

At New Signature, our aim is to help businesses thrive in the digital world. We take a consultative approach to transformation, providing services, expertise and solutions that empower organizations to reap the full benefits of technology. … Read more

Intelligent Workplace Solutions

Our Intelligent Workplace solution area includes several solutions and services that will improve collaborative teamwork and communication, unlock greater productivity and mobility, all while keeping your users and their devices secure … Read more

Platform Health

Having experts in your corner to ensure that your Azure environment is protected and operating at peak performance allows your business and its users to experience greater agility and peace of mind. We have developed New Signature’s Platform Health to provide you with 24/7 cloud-based IT health and performance monitoring using the power of Azure Monitor and Service Now™ to pinpoint issues in real-time and remediate them quickly. … Read more

Recovery Experience

Recovery Experience

Be prepared for a disaster by protecting your business critical applications and services with New Signature’s Recovery Experience … Read more

Secure Cloud

In a world of constant threat, ensuring that your underlying cloud platform is protected is the first step on your organization’s journey towards a secure, compliant operating environment. … Read more

Secure Workplace

New Signature’s Secure Workplace leverages a Zero Trust approach, bringing together security expertise and technology to create a secure workplace that is protected from threats – enabling users to stay productive whilst also remaining safe. … Read more

Surface Hub Workspace Enablement

Share your ideas on a canvas that is as big as your imagination. Surface Hub brings teams together in a way that feels natural, with technology that doesn’t intrude. … Read more

Teamwork Support

In order for your teams to collaborate efficiently, you need to be able to ensure that their workplace systems are managed, optimized and protected. New Signature’s Teamwork Support provides end user support and management service for the entire Office 365 suite, from Outlook and Teams to SharePoint and OneDrive. … Read more

Work Anywhere

With New Signature’s Network Anywhere service, we can quickly and simply deploy cloud-native technologies to unblock the performance bottlenecks. There is no requirement to deploy proprietary hardware and your users can leverage standard internet connectivity to securely connect to your backend systems, wherever they reside. Network Anywhere can leverage cloud-native VPN technology built into Azure, Azure App Proxy to securely publish web applications, or AppWAN technology to seamlessly connect your users over a software-defined network. … Read more