New technologies, new markets, and a new culture of work are driving creativity in your enterprise. But this disruptive landscape comes with security threats that can put the brakes on your best ideas.

Take a look at our e-book and find out how to get your people innovating together, with the assurance that they’re doing so safely.

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of security when choosing tools for collaboration and creative working.
  • The many ways Microsoft 365 has been built for teamwork, with intelligent security built in.
  • How enterprises like yours have used Microsoft 365 to make collaboration easier, while becoming more secure.

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Your data should be your
best kept secret

Is your business up-to-date with cyber security, or is your data public property? Discover the 10 key questions you need to ask your IT department, and find out today.

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Four simple steps to
safer information

58% of people have accidentally sent sensitive information to the wrong person before. Learn why data leaks are more likely than ever, and how you can prevent them.

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Could you afford a £2.6 million
cybersecurity incident?

As you become more creative by the day, so do hackers. Avoid costly breaches by making sure the only people accessing your data are those who need to.

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Make the most of your security
management model

Are you using the “IT security management maturity model” to benchmark your security efforts? Here’s how to make that model as effective as possible.

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The power of “what if”

The most exciting creative ideas often come from asking “what if”. But so do some of the obstacles that can get in the way of opportunity. “What if it exposes the business to risk?”

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