New Signature understands the business impact of technology, as well as the organisational change management that is required to support the technical rollout. As an award-winning Microsoft Learning Partner with Gold and Silver competencies across the full technology stack, we are uniquely positioned to help you plan both the operational and organisational aspects of change management, training and adoption.

New Signature’s technology strategists and adoption specialists will work hand-in-hand with your team and our consultants managing the deployment to ensure that all aspects of the change have been accounted for, and create a comprehensive change management plan. This will ensure that your key business stakeholders have been briefed on the technology so they can make the decisions on how it should be used in the organisation; that your administrators have access to the proper training to ensure they can manage the environment; that your support staff can properly troubleshoot the technology and assist end users; that end users have access to training to ensure they can continue to do their job using the new tools and they can learn the new productivity-enhancing features; and that you have a complete communication plan to ensure the transition is smooth.

Offered Services

Technology Strategy Briefings

One of the most important steps of a technology rollout is making the organisational decisions on how the technology will be used to accomplish your business goals. New Signature’s technology strategists will brief your key business and IT stakeholders to ensure they understand the technology’s full scope, enabling them to make the best decisions on how it should be used in the organisation. Making these decisions prior to the rollout is critical to crafting a communication campaign that reflects the organisation’s objectives.

Technical Training

As a Microsoft Learning Partner New Signature can prepare your IT professionals to plan, implement, and administer your Microsoft technology. Uniquely positioned as both a Learning Partner and a Systems Integrator, New Signature leverages our award-winning consultants to train your team, rather than full-time instructors; this allows your team to ask questions that are outside the curriculum and benefit from the pragmatic experience of consultants that work with the technology on the deepest level in the real world.

End User Training

No matter how valuable the technology, it’s useless if your staff don’t use it. New Signature can help ensure your staff hit the ground running with the new system to pull the return on investment out of your technology.

Change Management

Change management planning is critical to ensure that staff have a positive experience transitioning to the new technology platform, as well communicating the organisation’s plan for the new tools. We will leverage a technology strategist and adoption specialist to work with your team and ours, identifying all end user impacts and creating a comprehensive change management plan incorporating everything from IT training, executive technology briefings, end user training and a turnkey communication plan.

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