Exceed your business goals and maximise the value of your IT investments with Microsoft technologies and enterprise strategy consulting from New Signature.

Microsoft’s new technology platforms and cloud solutions are elevating IT departments into a more strategic role. They can now empower their business organisations with cloud services and innovative solutions for collaboration, mobility, CRM, advanced analytics and more. As a strategic business driver, IT contributes directly to building out competitive advantages and transforming organisations, all while creating business value from technology investments.

New Signature approaches each client engagement as a true collaboration, coupling our technological expertise with strategic guidance to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. We follow a rigorous approach to technology modernisation and adoption. Strategy is directly layered into every step of our Plan-Build-Operate model.

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At New Signature, we are committed to personalised and dynamic service for each of our individual customers. We curate solutions unique to your business needs by partnering with you, learning about your goals, analysing your specific data and assuring that the IT and upkeep for your Microsoft solutions is sound and functional. We don’t just take you from point A to point B – we show you all the sights along the way.


As curious and innovative thinkers, we ask the right questions and build relationships with our customers. From there, we develop business solutions and deliver products and services uniquely curated for them. At New Signature, we want to know you, your team and your business. We are partners, and part of our process is discovering the best technological directions for your company, along with anticipating future needs.

Governance, Compliance & Security

Your IT environment requires your consistent time and attention to remain compliant, secure and optimised. New Signature is an expert in developing and implementing governance strategies for businesses to drive success over time.