Every customer connection matters: Every call, every email, every chat and every social media interaction can help you build a more personalised and relevant experience for your customers. Sales, marketing and customer care professionals require tools that help them engage with people at the right time, in the right way, with the right information.

Whether on-premises or in the cloud, Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM collaboration and relationship management solutions help you improve workflow management, ensure security and maintain operational flexibility.

New Signature is a leader in developing flexible, customised solutions that solve business problems, helping your enterprise uncover the actionable insights you need to help you achieve your business objectives, from a single solution to manage relationships, correspondence, marketing initiatives and sales processes.

With a deep understanding of common business challenges, and as experts on cloud computing, New Signature can help your enterprise seamlessly integrate Microsoft cloud services and other business productivity tools within your existing technology infrastructure.

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Offered Services

CRM Integration

Growth requires engagement, and engagement requires knowing your customers, meeting them at their varying touchpoints, and predicting their trends. Oh, and did we mention you need to do that all while providing exceptional products and services? Don’t worry – the New Signature team can aid your business in developing the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that fits your unique needs.

Process and Workflow Optimisation

Your business can employ the right people and possess the right tools, but without harmony between units and a proper use of the technology, you still may struggle to maintain an efficient workflow.

CRM Sales Automation

A New Signature solution has the capabilities to automate aspects of the sales process so that your sales team can spend more time interacting with potential customers and adding value to your business.

CRM Service Automation

Much of a customer service regimen revolves around administrative tasks that can take up a lot of time. Our New Signature team can leverage your existing products to automate the time-consuming processes that keep you away from your customers.

CRM Marketing Automation

Between follow-ups, scheduling ads and data tracking, the marketing plate can get full fast. New Signature can help you automate those frequent and time-consuming tasks so that your marketing team can function efficiently and add value.


At work, finding the answers you need can take time. New Signature can develop self-service solutions that give employees access to collective knowledge quickly and easily.