From hours to minutes and from stagnant pipelines to seamless production and cloud-first processes, DevOps approaches the business as a whole to transform the way you work, innovate and operate.

People, Processes and Technology

At the intersection of people, processes and technology is the potential you need to accelerate your ideas and grow your business. It’s vital as a business that your product innovations are delivered to customers quickly and experience little to no downtime to compete in today’s fast-paced market.

Your business can have access to the most progressive and innovative product developments, but without people and proper operations, those innovations cannot reach your customers. On the other hand, your business can have the best operations processes in place, but without an innovative product pipeline, there’s nothing to deliver.

DevOps is the answer to solving the challenge of delivering the best in innovations with reliability and control. DevOps approaches technological challenges holistically and overcomes them by bringing together the essential components of a business—its people, its products and its operations.

Why DevOps?

When you’re a DevOps-focused company, your talent can spend more time innovating than worrying about business continuity or constantly battling outages and product delivery issues.

The result is that you are able to provide better products delivered in a better timeline, keeping customers happier and employees engaged in the process.

The DevOps Difference

Why New Signature?

New Signature uses Microsoft Azure to deliver innovations at scale and with confidence. It is the Microsoft cloud with the necessary DevOps tooling baked in. You can:

  • Develop with GitHub and Visual Studio
  • Operate with Azure Monitor, Policy, Automation and Security Center
  • Deliver with Azure Boards, Repos, Pipelines, Artifacts and more.

Our New Signature team has expertise in guiding businesses on their journeys, and finding success as a DevOps company, creating a sharp competitive edge for them in their respective markets.

Microsoft Gold DevOps Partner

Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner

GitHub Verified Partner

If you’re ready to check the pulse of your business, connect with a New Signature expert.

We can help you breathe new life into your entire approach to technology and operations.