Empower your employees to better collaborate and engage with each other, customers and partners. Microsoft solutions for collaboration, enterprise social networking and relationship management equip your workforce for a connected world.

Microsoft technologies connect your employees to the information they need and the people they need to engage with to get their jobs done in more efficient and productive ways. Combining great user experiences with rich content, the New Signature team customises and enhances SharePoint portals to provide users with easy access to the right information at the right time – informing, empowering, organising and connecting your employees with a stable and secure cloud platform.

New Signature combines its expertise in helping employees and partners collaborate with new solutions for improved relationship management with customers and prospects. Every connection matters: Every call, every email, every chat and every social media interaction can help you build a more personalised and relevant experience for your customers. New Signature delivers CRM tools that help sales, marketing and customer care professionals engage with people at the right time, in the right way, with the right information.

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Offered Services

SharePoint Migration

New Signature’s migration services for SharePoint not only streamline all your employee collaboration needs, but also remove the hassle that often comes with technological transitions. And you can expect the best support from New Signature from start to finish. Your company will also have full-access to platform potential through ongoing Microsoft-certified education.

Enterprise Social

Your employees are all social beings, and providing them a tool to collaborate in an open forum and discuss work, life, and interests can lead to a tighter team and the development of great business ideas. Because when you remove walls between employees, there is more room for them to perform.

Relationship Management

At New Signature, we treat each customer as if they were our only customer, and you can offer your customers the same treatment. By leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your organisation can adapt your customer relations to each customer’s behaviour.