Connect your people to the right data at the right time, and help them make informed decisions with powerful business intelligence and analytics tools that turn all types of data into actionable business insights.

The importance of unlocking, gathering, analyzing, and visualizing data across all parts of your business has never been more critical. Microsoft provides a full suite of solutions for business intelligence (BI), data analytics and the Internet of Things that works with the data, systems, and tools you already have, and easily extends existing on-premises BI investments to the cloud.

New Signature can help you find and capture data from a multitude of devices, components and other “things” to create an engine for predictive business intelligence. By using the Azure IoT Suite and connecting it with PowerBI, we empower your employees to quickly analyze them and turn them into actionable outcomes. Your teams can share insights and reports across all major mobile platforms so users can get the right insights at the right time, wherever they are.

The potential of the Internet of Things lies with the use of predictive intelligence and with Microsoft’s cloud platform it is easier than ever to derive the best value from it. As a full-stack Microsoft partner with competencies and expertise for Cloud and IoT, New Signature has a thorough command of the Microsoft technologies and platforms, including solutions such as Power BI and Azure Stream Analytics. Using Microsoft’s technologies and New Signature’s expertise, services and applications, you can easily access the power of analytics and the cloud to make smart business choices.

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Internet of Things

What if you could bring everyday objects to life? What if your supply chain could be automatically take action based on live data? What if your products could tell you how to make them better through connectivity and predictive technology? Well, now they can.