New Signature’s Advanced Analytics services focuses on solving business problems leveraging the Team Data Science Process (TDSP) and Azure Machine Learning to deliver insights.

Our experts focus on delivering quick time to insights by asking sharp questions and selecting the right algorithms for each business problem. The solution is a predictive model that can help transform an organization towards a data-driven, connected enterprise. New Signature’s experts are data skeptics and rigorous, passionately seeking answers to complex problems while focusing on delivering real business value.

As a full-stack global Microsoft partner with gold-level competencies in Data Analytics, New Signature has a been a leading voice in this practice area and has helped businesses of varying sizes and industries move from a reactive stance in data science, to using data to predict outcomes and access real-time information. We are enabling major operational and financial shifts for our customers and transforming the way they work and do business every day.

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Offered Services

Internet of Things (IoT) Services

What if you could bring everyday objects to life? What if your supply chain could be automatically take action based on live data? What if your products could tell you how to make them better through connectivity and predictive technology? Well, now they can.

Data Visualization

Collecting meaningful data is the first step to understanding your business with greater depth, but the complexity and vastness of data can be overwhelming. New Signature’s analytics experts can leverage Microsoft’s Power BI dashboard to bring your business rich displays of real-time vital information in a manageable and usable way.

Machine Learning

New Signature leverages the power of Azure Machine Learning and the Team Data Science Process to derive insights from data.