Help Your IT

Corporate IT departments and software providers work with New Signature to get strategic support for cloud platform, productivity and infrastructure solutions, including Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online.

Our Managed Services play an important role in managing the health and performance of enterprise IT systems and cloud environments, and offer great tools to manage cloud spend and usage. We provide the professional services, managed services and digital solutions that help you transform your business across cloud, on-premises and hybrid IT environments.

From Strategic Support to Complete IT Management

As a full-stack Microsoft consultancy and cloud partner, New Signature is set up to help you in a way that works best for your organization.

We can Be Your IT or Help Your IT.

The choice is yours!

Be Your IT

As an end-to-end IT partner, New Signature will become your outsourced IT department for everything including Office 365, CRM and cloud computing. Learn more

Managed Services

New Signature CMX Services

Cloud Management services for Microsoft’s cloud productivity and platform solutions, including Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online. Our offering includes advisory, operations, and governance services that are needed to manage all key aspects of cloud environments. Learn More

New Signature IMX Services

New Signature provides 24/7 enterprise-class systems management of network, server and application layers, including complete health and performance monitoring for on premises and hybrid cloud environments. Scenarios include patching services, antivirus management, OS image management, and customized services. Learn More

Ready to change your IT approach?


Corporate IT Organizations

New Signature supports your in-house IT department with strategic initiatives, enablement and support for public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Integrating cloud solutions or transitioning to a fully cloud-based IT environment does not make the need for good design, build and operations services obsolete. With technology capabilities advancing at an ever-increasing pace, applying the right approach to the Cloud has become critical. Design and deployment mistakes can lead to costly adjustments later on, and even stunt an organization’s growth.

New Signature has the right consultants with the right in-depth expertise to design for your current and future business needs.

Cloud & Infrastructure Management Benefits for Corporate IT Organizations

  • Provides rapid support to lines of business without draining corporate IT resources
  • Turns “Shadow IT” into a corporate asset, and reins in rogue line of business IT projects
  • Adds expert IT capabilities focused on cloud infrastructure management
  • Complete solution minimizes risk and non-compliance
  • Quick to implement, easy to scale
  • Enables hybrid scenarios

Software Providers

New Signature also provides cloud infrastructure services to enterprise application developers, systems integrators (SI) and independent software vendors (ISV). Our services allow them to turn their software solutions into managed cloud services running on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform for business.

Watch our Video Case Study

New Signature and pilot customer imason Inc. won the 2015 Microsoft Canada Winning Together Impact Award for their collaboration. Using New Signature CMX cloud management (formerly Infrastructure Guardian), imason has added a monthly recurring revenue model and is able to offer enterprise-class solutions to its customers as a Managed Cloud Service with 24/7/365 helpdesk.

Cloud & Infrastructure Management Benefits for Software Providers

  • Creates a powerful business transformation opportunity for software providers
  • Adds monthly recurring revenue based on SaaS/Managed Service model
  • Provides fully managed solution for end customers using dedicated, multi-tenant scenarios
  • Enables a focus on their strategic core competencies in software development and/or systems integration
  • Gives end customers peace of mind that SIs and ISVs can build and run everything for them while taking care of both application and infrastructure level