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As experts in the full Microsoft stack of technologies, New Signature has identified the key areas of technology management that are vital to ensuring the most optimised Microsoft solution.

From implementing necessary updates and maintaining your applications, to monitoring for threats and providing ongoing education opportunities, we are here to help you operate your IT Infrastructure successfully. We curate service offerings that provide businesses with the state of the art solutions and deliver the full-cycle operation of planning, building and operating a best-practice Microsoft cloud environment encompassing Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Managed Desktop environments.

Managed Service Packages

Elements of Managed Services


Your IT environment is not static. Its fluidity requires consistent monitoring to ensure optimum health and performance of servers, operating systems, platforms and applications. Our managed services team provides this service through a number of our offerings.

Proactive Services

In addition to monitoring, we provide proactive services to help prevent threats and system compromises. Through maintenance activities such as patching, health check-ups, data backups and advisory services, New Signature works behind the scenes seamlessly with your own team, to ensure that your environment is safe, secure and running smoothly.

Incident Support

When issues arise, our managed services team supports you at all levels. Our 24/7/365 call centre and Network Operations Centre (NOC) provides expert assistance to end-users and corporate service desks alike. We also can coordinate with your in-house IT teams to provide guidance from Level 1 to Level 3 engineers, and can quickly escalate issues with Microsoft Premier Support, when needed.


Day-to-day management of a business’s IT environment is a full-time job. Let New Signature manage and coordinate changes and releases and Business as Usual operations, while you focus on your customers and your organisation’s core competencies. We can govern your user lifecycles, accounts, application configurations and necessary upgrades. These tasks help to keep your IT environment optimised for performance without taxing your team.


All your managed services are delivered with the high-quality experience that New Signature is known for, including dedicated Service Delivery Managers conducting regular performance reviews, capacity planning and Continual Service Improvement programmes (link to testimonials page). We are also committed to delivering continual education opportunities for your team through in-person, online events and an ongoing blog, constantly updated with thought leadership and educational content.

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Cloud Management Portal

You can view your offering and IT data through New Signature’s exclusive intelligence hub, the Cloud Management Portal. View dashboards, not spreadsheets, and bring simple self-service to your IT management.

  • View Dashboards, Not Spreadsheets
  • Manage Azure Usage and Plan Capacity
  • Get Crystal Clear Billing Transparency
  • Size Your VM Appropriately with Rightsizing

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Which Managed Services Packages Are Right For You?

System Health

System Health delivers expert guidance to protect and help to extract the maximum business value of your Microsoft technologies. Our experts provide peace of mind in the form of complete health and performance monitoring, patch services, customer service, and reporting for your IT environment. New Signature provides customers with an always-on 24/7/365 call centre service to ensure that business technologies are running safely, smoothly and efficiently.

Elements = Monitoring, Incident Support, Administration, Management

Cloud Management for Office 365

Cloud Management for Office 365 supports your organisation’s Office 365 environment, after deployment and over time to maximise consumption of all of the Office 365 Services on offer. Delivered by our expert technology professionals, we deliver end-to-end platform management for all aspects of your Office 365 experience, including procuring and provisioning the required licenses directly. We manage your cloud; you manage your business.

Elements = Monitoring, Administration, Management

Cloud Management for Azure

New Signature’s Cloud Management for Azure service delivers a complete Azure solution, providing you with one partner for all of your Azure needs. Cloud Management for Azure caters to your Azure-related requirements by providing a core suite of scalable features that gives you peace of mind and ensures your cloud investment will be optimised, managed and protected.

Elements = Monitoring, Administration, Management

Desktop Experience

New Signature recognises the importance of a great user experience on the desktop, as this interface is the primary mechanism their daily tasks. End user perception of an IT department lives and dies based on the functional behavior of client-side computing. The Managed Desktop Experience from New Signature ensures that end user satisfaction is at the forefront of architectural design, including robust builds, packaged applications with centralised deployment and “Evergreen” release schedules.

Elements = Monitoring, Administration, Management

Recovery Experience

Recovery Experience provides a comprehensive recovery plan and team of experts to help create, update, maintain and execute your recovery plan. In the event where a recovery is required, New Signature’s highly skilled team of experts are available to help. You can rest assured that your application would be available in case your data centre is destroyed by any type of disaster.

Elements = Proactive Services, Incident Support, Management

Technology Managed Services

New Signature’s IT Managed Services deliver full service management of your technologies through certified professionals. IT Managed Service is a monthly per-user plan that includes end-to-end management of endpoints, mobile devices, servers, cloud environments, assets, and vendors.  Utilising an ITIL, best-practice management methodology, New Signature’s Engagement Managers, Service Delivery Managers, Service Design and Transition professionals will ensure that our Managed Services are focusses on delivering requirements to client specification.   Our team is available to you via phone, email, and instant messaging, whenever you need them.

Elements = Monitoring, Proactive Services, Incident Support, Administration, Management

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Microsoft Licensing

New Signature provides license management solutions from procurement to assignment. Vitally, we will ensure that your business scales and is billed against actual consumption. Pay for what you use.

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