Today’s workforce is unique. There are currently 5 generations working together, with 80% of employees’ time spent collaborating.

It’s vital that organizations provide their workforce with the proper tooling, education and security to accomplish more and remain engaged. Engaged employees aren’t just happier, but they are also a benefit to the business, proving 20% higher sales and 21% high profitability.

New Signature is poised to guide your teams on their journey toward more productivity and greater agility through intelligent workplace solutions. As an integral part of our GO program we help leverage the power of the cloud to empower progress while keeping your user identities and business data secure. We are here to assess and advise you on your best next steps toward a mature intelligent workplace.


Office 365 Management

Delivered by our expert technology professionals, experience end-to-end deployment and management of the collaboration and messaging platforms of Office 365, including 24×7 enterprise-class systems management for all components of the Office 365 suite.

Teams Adoption & Change Management

NS:GO Teams Adoption and Change Management 2020
Drive your organization’s Teams adoption with greater precision through this methodical change management approach. We look more closely at your needs and help you envision the future destination that will provide proper governance, adequate training and overall higher Teams adoption.

Teams Deployment

NS:GO Teams Deployment 2020
Provide your organization a swift and easy roll-out of the platform within your organization to begin your Teams journey. We offer three editions of the deployment service to meet the needs of any business size or requirement and guide you through the functionalities of Teams so that your business can draw the most value and have the best experience.

Teams Engagement Jumpstart

NS:GO Teams Engagement Jumpstart 2020
Unlock the full power of Teams for your employees by developing a strategy around Teams adoption, educating users on which tools to leverage when and guiding your leaders toward a long-term governance plan that aligns your Teams landscape to business objectives and security best practices.

Teamwork Security

Plan ahead and keep data safeguarded. This solution helps you manage, optimize and protect all your Office 365 environments. The service keeps Office 365 cloud-based productivity suites safe from data breaches by providing monitoring for potential threats, management of patching and security actions and 24/7 support to customers.

Transform Your Tomorrow

Reach out to our experts to engage your workforce and transform your tomorrow.