Protecting your business in a cloud-first, mobile world, begins with protecting the user identity and ensuring that access to vital business information across multiple channels is limited only to those you trust. With hackers attacking every 39 seconds and most identity breaches not being recognized for an average of 206 days*, it is vital that your business has proper security safeguards in place at every moment. While you focus on your business, we are here to protect it.

New Signature combines people, process, and technology to deliver identity and access management solutions that help protect you. Our experts have the knowledge and skill to assess your current identity environment, deploy the necessary infrastructure and tooling required to protect every user no matter where they are, and manage all the ongoing administrative and monitoring tasks necessary to maintain a robust identity infrastructure over time.

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Identity Assessment

New Signature’s Identity Assessment service is a discovery engagement performed against a customer’s existing identity estate. The service reviews the current configuration and any dependencies that may exist. The output from the Identity Assessment service is a business case providing budgetary estimates and a roadmap for a successful identity estate modernization outcome.

Identity Deployment

The identity deployment service follows the identity assessment that results in the deployment of a fully configured cloud identity solution that enables end-users to securely authenticate and access corporate resources.

Identity Infrastructure Management

Identity Infrastructure Management provides 24x7x365 enterprise-class systems management for on premises and cloud-based identity platforms using Active Directory and Azure AD technologies. Managed identity environments are kept fully up-to-date and are monitored to ensure health and availability of these critical authentication services.

Identity Security

NS:GO Identity Security 2020 FlyerNew Signature’s Identity Security managed service provides round-the-clock comprehensive management of your identity security platform. By integrating our experts seamlessly into your existing staff and leveraging tools like Azure Security Graph and Advanced Threat Protection, this service includes monitoring, security incident alerting and investigation, as well as proactive services that help to improve your security posture over time through ongoing reporting and recommendations.

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