Employees of today’s organizations expect more agility and richer experiences than in the past, whether they function in an office or remotely.

Everyone from front line workers to power users on the move are ready for better tools, stronger security, and flexible working solutions. Traditional approaches to collaboration using fixed devices and legacy management no longer meet these increasing demands. Employees are a business’s most important asset, and that talent deserves the technology to empower their skills and drive their potential.

Our Intelligent Workplace solution group of services includes several solutions and services that will improve collaborative teamwork and communication, unlock greater productivity and mobility, all while keeping your users and their devices secure.

NS:GO Intelligent Workplace 2020

Intelligent Workplace

Our Intelligent Workplace solution group focuses on three core pillars—your user identities, your endpoint devices, and your teamwork collaboration technologies


Covers everything from assessing your current identity platform and security posture, deploying identity management and security tooling and integrating with your business processes to manage your identities. Our experts can provide the services required to align your organization with identity platform and security best practices.


Every device your employees use is part of your workplace and must be properly secured and protected. Whether your employees are working within an office or remotely, we can ensure that both your corporate-owned and personal devices are optimized and protected.


Microsoft 365, with Teams as the hub, is the superior choice for organizations looking to provide their users with a tool kit to boost productivity and collaboration. From deploying the tools to helping users learn how to leverage them, New Signature can be your expert guide.

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