In today’s age of transformation, technology is the foundation for digital innovation and organizational sustainability, but it requires a deep understanding not only of technology, but of business agility, operations and financial considerations.

New Signature goes beyond applying transformative technologies for your business; we have the expertise to work across your business units, assess your goals, concerns and challenges and provide a holistic approach and recommend the innovative technologies that are best-suited for your business as a whole. Through our set of consultation services, we bring together key players from both the technology and business sides to develop a solution and roadmap catered to your unique needs.


Business Change Adoption Strategy

Our Business Change and Adoption Strategy solution helps your organization design and build an enterprise-wide business change and adoption strategy, covering all the individuals and teams who will be part of the dynamic transformation that is becoming a digital business.

Cloud Economics

NS:GO Cloud Economics 2020 FlyerWe help your team define costs and potential benefits of a cloud-first model.​ In this engagement, we identify which systems to migrate and estimate costs. The engagement results in a report showing the total economic impact of moving to Azure, as well as a prioritized roadmap for workloads to be moved. ​ 

Organizational Maturity Benchmark

As a first step on your journey, our Organizational Maturity Benchmark is an engagement that undertakes a detailed analysis of an organization’s readiness to become a digital business, looking across the dimensions of people, process and tooling. This helps us build a roadmap for your specific needs.

Skills and Training

This service to provides training and helps prepare your organization to embark on its journey to becoming a digital business. Aligned with Microsoft’s Enterprise Skills Initiative, It leverages a combination of Microsoft’s online learning resources, specialized training partners and is guided by our New Signature experts.

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