Your collection of custom applications are your competitive edge. Whether it’s applications that your employees use or your customers, your own software is your own unique differentiation. The perennial buy vs build debate must be revisited as you embark on your unique journey to the cloud.

Our applications service line includes everything you need to build your own applications, or have our Microsoft Gold Certified application developers build them for you. It includes applications built natively on Azure and those built on top of Dynamics 365. Using the power of DevOps and approaching your organization’s platform with a holistic view, we can help to streamline your application development for greater success.


Application Management

New Signature’s Application Management service provides comprehensive support for application workloads. It encompasses all the of the features of IaaS and PaaS Management, but also adds application support and code defect remediation (for New Signature developed applications) to the list of features.

Application Transformation

This service leverages a collaboration strategy to target applications and utilize cloud-native technologies to maximize the benefits of cloud platforms including ROI savings, performance and scalability. The outcomes from this engagement are a strategy to transform mission critical workloads to a cloud-native model, greater awareness on cloud-native design principles and an MVP solution hosted on the Azure platform, complete with existing applications and data.

Cloud-Native Application Development

New Signature’s cloud-native application development service can help turn your application ideas into a reality. Leveraging our global delivery capabilities, we can provide the expertise needed to help analyze business problems and build the best software to solve them.

DevOps Assessment

NS:GO DevOps Assessment 2020 FlyerOur DevOps Assessment service is a discovery engagement performed to assess and document the maturity of current processes used within the software development lifecycle of your organization. The output of the DevOps Assessment is a high-level business case and roadmap identifying high-value opportunities for improvement, along with budgetary estimates and indicative timelines required to mature the overall practices of the organization.

DevOps Jumpstart

New Signature’s DevOps Jumpstart workshop helps organizations to understand the core concepts of the Azure DevOps platform, uncover how to streamline processes and leverage powerful automation so your teams are free to focus more time on innovation.


NS:GO Modernize 2020 Flyer
Following on from our workload assessment, some applications will benefit from being modernized to take full advantage of everything the cloud has to offer. This includes container-based deployment and leveraging platform services. Our modernize service takes these applications from where they are today and helps make them cloud-native.

Transform Your Tomorrow

The key to being a successful digital organization is to become a software business. Let us help guide you through this journey.

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