We’ve reimagined what the journey to a cloud-native end state looks like, helping our customers to work more efficiently as they transform their IT operations.

GO is our cloud-native operating model, leveraging features that are built into Azure, removing the need to rely on incompatible, third-party products. We use our exclusive GO/Drivetrain technology to rapidly speed up the deployment, governance and operation of your modern cloud environment.

Our Intelligent Cloud solution area includes solutions and services that will improve IT operations agility and efficiency by removing the need to rely on legacy infrastructure. We do this whilst improving the overall health and security of your technology platforms, applications and data.

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Intelligent Cloud

Covering all pillars of an intelligent cloud environment


Our platform services are designed to keep all your cloud-based workloads and data managed, secured and protected properly. Not only can New Signature experts get your organization running quickly with Azure, but we have the capability to act as your trusted advisor. We help ensure availability, scalability, resilience, security and compliance are maintained around the clock. We can also pair this with management of operational tasks and environment monitoring – all on your behalf.


Data is the center of every business; harnessing and protecting that data is vital to success. To meet this need, we offer services to help you build next generation data and AI platforms to unlock insights and give you the potential to understand your business and customer base better, making better decisions in a more proactive nature. In addition, our managed data services can help keep your data secure and protected around the clock so that you can rest easy and focus on what’s most important to you—your business and your customers.


In order to truly graduate into becoming a digital business, you need to become a software business. New Signature can help you build or mature your internal development teams, building or modernizing existing applications to help you better serve your employees and customers. Our application services help you leverage DevOps principles and build world-leading software for your business on Dynamics 365 and Azure.

Transform Your Tomorrow

The cloud is not the future. The cloud is the present.