Fueling Public
Cloud Potential
with GO

Unleash cloud capability, deliver change and compete at speed with a Microsoft digital operating model, enabling you to work more efficiently as you transform your IT environment.

We live in a time of opportunity, but keeping up with the pace of technological change is a challenge. Many businesses are held back by legacy infrastructure and traditional operating models and this, combined with balancing agility and control, can prevent you from thriving in the digital world.

What is GO?

GO is a Digital Operating Model that allows your business stakeholders, IT operations and developers to interact with more cohesiveness and unlock maximum value from technology investments. When these teams collaborate effectively, with efficiency, you create the ability to become a digital business. Powering this relationship is a set of tools built natively into the platform rather than a medley of incompatible, third party tools.

What Makes GO Special?

GO is New Signature’s exclusive framework that combines a set of solutions and services that deliver against specific customer objectives, with Drivetrain™, a suite of intellectual property and tools to unleash cloud capability and deliver real change based on our team’s expertise.

Based on Microsoft’s own Cloud Adoption Framework, GO guides customers through the complex set of decisions required and into operation quickly and efficiently.

By leveraging this cloud-native approach, we can remove silos, move away from traditional thinking, revitalize your culture and set you up to become a digital business. GO is delivered via six service lines which include project and managed services:

Where will your business GO?

When change is a constant, transformation is vital. Organizations who want to become, or remain, the industry leaders must begin that process now.

Would you like more information on embracing the new digital world through the public cloud? Download our guide, “Going Digital: How a New Digital Operating Model Can Power Transformation”.

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The Business Case for Transformation:

Our Cloud Economics engagement is delivered as part of GO, it is designed to achieve leadership buy-in and budgetary approval by demonstrating the value through business case justification. It helps you:

  • Identify costs and potential benefits
  • Develop a discovery checklist to identify systems to move to the cloud
  • Estimate potential consumption costs
  • Access a comprehensive report and roadmap that outlines potential economic impact of moving to Azure, Microsoft 365 or Dynamics 365

The Drivetrain™ Difference

Building your Digital Operating Model can be challenging, so with Drivetrain™, we’ve done most of the heavy-lifting for you, aggregating best practices, automating the deployment of many of the technical aspects, and giving you proven methodologies to manage associated business change.

GO for the Intelligent Cloud

Leveraging Drivetrain™, we build a cloud-native operating model for Azure and Dynamics 365 quickly and simply. This helps your business and IT teams to collaborate more effectively and gives you the management, monitoring and security you need.

GO for an Intelligent Workplace

Drivetrain™ also gives you a head-start to build your cloud-native intelligent workplace. With best-practice blueprints for the deployment of Microsoft 365 as well as cloud-native technologies such as Endpoint Manager and Advanced Threat Protection, you can combine the best of security with the best of agility.

Managing Your New Model

The biggest change associated with moving to a cloud-native operating model is how you manage them going forward. The tooling and processes will be radically different compared to how your business operates today. New Signature experts can help to cross-skill existing employees or manage the new cloud environment on your behalf.

Fueling GO with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework

In a digital world, transformation is constant. To keep your business performing at a digital speed, we have developed GO, our digital operating model that combines services, expertise and a unique deployment approach to unleash cloud capability and deliver real technological and cultural change across your organization.