Through a combination of professional services in our exclusive GO program and our global managed services, we are one partner for all your needs.

When we engage with customers, it’s our goal to provide the technologies and expertise they need from the creation of a strategic roadmap, through deployment, and beyond, building relationships and being a trusted partner for every need.

We have organized our services into three core pillars of technological transformation that aim to evaluate your strategy, operate in the cloud and leverage the best tools for productivity and collaboration. By taking this journey with New Signature at your side, you can look forward to a more competitive advantage and a revolutionized future for your business.

Unleash cloud capability, deliver change and compete at speed with a Microsoft digital operating model, enabling you to work more efficiently as you transform your IT environment.

Comprehensive Intelligent Services

Intelligent Enterprise

In today’s world, it’s not enough to continue operating within the status quo. This set of services aligns technology to business goals and creates a digital future for your organization.

Intelligent Workplace

This group of services includes several solutions and services which will improve collaborative teamwork and communication, unlocking greater productivity and mobility, all while keeping your users and their devices secure.

Intelligent Cloud

Improve your operations agility and efficiency by removing the need to rely on legacy infrastructure. We’ve reimagined what the journey to a cloud-native environment looks like, helping our customers transform their business with Azure.

Our Expertise

We describe ourselves as intellectually curious, but curiosity alone doesn’t make for an outstanding experience; it is also how we apply our learning and intellect. It is staying on top of the most progressive technologies which allows us to help you find innovative solutions to overcome business challenges. From leveraging an intelligent cloud and creating an intelligent workplace, our team of experts can do it all for your modern enterprise.


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Microsoft Gold Certifications

Transform Your Tomorrow

The cloud is not the future. The cloud is the present.

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