At New Signature, we are committed to providing you with the right stack of products and services. But beyond that, we want to structure and design those products to align with high-level company goals, as well as solve the everyday operating problems of your team.

Our team of Microsoft experts lead you through a process that will help to understand your business as a whole and your employees as people and end-users. We interact with your team and build relationships and understanding through various activities and interviews that help to focus in on aspects like culture, internal perspective, and self-identity as a company. From there, we build prototypes, sketches, and creative mock-ups in order to receive feedback and end with a cohesive, functional, and creative solution.

Key Features

People-first process

We aim to meet high-level goals, but we also work one-on-one and in focus groups with your employees to be sure that we do all we can to solve their daily business struggles and empower their productivity. Whether your team is located in one building, or scattered across the globe, we want to meet them where they are, learn about them, and wow them with amazing service and stellar products.

Current state analysis

When we begin the user experience design process, we dig deep to determine the current state of your technology landscape. We want to know what works, what doesn’t, and how we can fill every gap toward success and efficiency.

Vision Curation

In contrast to your current state analysis, New Signature helps your team create a vision from a future state. We organize dialogue to discover where you want to go as an organization, how to get there, and open your corporate mind to the countless possibilities of our expertise and technology.

Creative Workshopping

We have developed various activities, workshops, and focus group sessions to hone in on the most important information we need to springboard a unique and successful solution. From one-on-ones with employees, focus group interviews, and creative workshops and testing, we develop the solution cumulatively over time, making needed adjustments as we progress from beginning to a polished product line.

Technical Expertise

Creative direction is important, but so is technical expertise and organized support. These assets include an in-depth requirements document, graphic design services, wireframe construction and organization, and future state expertise suggestions.

Did you know?

If you ever hear our User Experience Design team use the acronym JAD, it means “joint app design”, and it means that you are involved in all aspects of your solution layout and design.

For a customized solution that aligns with your goals and vision, start by connecting with a New Signature expert today.

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