Migrating your company from your current platform into a SharePoint solution can be summed up in a three-step journey:

  • Analysis: Our New Signature team will take an in-depth review of all your company’s current processes and collaboration needs. This is how we will build the perfect Microsoft SharePoint architecture solution for you.
  • Solution: Your SharePoint solution will either be implemented on-site, through an online platform, as a cloud-based piece, or a hybrid of these options. This decision will be made together, as partners, and the actual migration will begin using our automated Sharegate and Metalogic tools, saving you from excess inconvenience.
  • Support: As part of New Signature’s commitment to excellent service and values, we assist your team in managing the Sharepoint platform with Microsoft-certified trainings and education. This allows you to have ease of usage and use SharePoint to its fullest potential.

Key Features

Sharegate & Metalogix

New Signature uses Sharegate and Metalogic (for Google migrations) for both your initial SharePoint migration, along for use of day-to-day management to offer you less hassle and more control over the platform.


Our SharePoint solutions are delivered to your company with data loss prevention in mind, and we will teach you how to be sure your company’s information is secure daily, and in the event of a disaster.


SharePoint offers your company a uniform platform to avoid confusion and deliver a user-friendly experience. We also incorporate your business logos, color schemes, and branding to bring the look and feel of your team to every aspect of your customized SharePoint portal.

Education & Support

Perhaps the most irreplaceable aspect of the New Signature SharePoint migration experience is the ability to operate SharePoint with the competency of our migration team through our education and Microsoft SharePoint curriculum. This on-going support is an expression of our New Signature our core values and guarantee of excellent client service.

The experience of migrating your employees’ collaboration and communication to a SharePoint solution is a journey, and the first step is to talk to an expert about your business needs.

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