At New Signature, we do more than sell Microsoft solutions; we work as your business partner and walk the road to quality technologies with you. We work to construct a personalized Roadmap to provide clarity for our clients before beginning the solutions process. Our process-driven approach allows us to support you from planning and strategizing, through implementation, and beyond.

Once you join forces with the New Signature team, the journey to your business solutions will begin with an in-depth analysis of all your business processes, goals, and customer base. The purpose behind a customized New Signature Roadmap is to match your technology to your business needs, prioritize your requirements, align stakeholders and to visualize the end result of your solution.

New Signature gave us a thorough and timely follow up and made us comfortable. We did not think of New Signature as an installer or an implementer, but as a business partner.

Steve Payne, IT Director | Davis Construction

Key Features


Our planning process allows us to lay the ground work and apply our expertise of Microsoft products and services to the varying industries we serve. We ask the right questions, capture the appropriate data, and develop requirements for your solutions.

Ongoing Education

New Signature hosts several events per month to help our customers learn about all Microsoft’s upcoming technologies.

Did You Know?

Speaking of road maps, in 2015, New Signature added to its own geography by expanding internationally into Canada and the United Kingdom!

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