A relationship management solution from New Signature will allow your team to enhance customer engagement and provide excellent service by marrying the sales, marketing, and service teams through customer’s preferences.

When we develop a Customer Relationship Management solution for your business, your company will have access to customer data and insights securely through the cloud on any device and from any location, creating a connected team and more productivity. And with New Signature’s commitment to excellent service and ongoing support through our Plan-Build-Operate model, you can have peace of mind that your migration and adoptions will be smooth and that your team will continue to develop their CRM skills over time.

Key Features


Your team of New Signature Microsoft-certified consultants can customize your relationship management solution based on your industry size, and business goals.

Full Support

Functioning on our Plan-Build-Operate model begins with a preliminary intensive business analysis to determine the best solution for you. New Signature will work with your IT department and other teams to ensure that the products we deliver are adopted with ease, and that you are supported post-migration.

Continued Education

We host ongoing in-person and online learning events so that your team always has access to the innovative Microsoft knowledge they need to grow and hone their CRM skills.


Positioned as a cloud-first company, New Signature relationship management solutions are accessible through the secure cloud from any device in any location.

Optimize your business to develop stronger customer relationships.

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