Your company’s data is a treasure trove of information. But harnessing the vast amounts of data on your own? That’s no way to dig up buried treasure. New Signature can leverage Microsoft’s Power BI to bring your business rich displays of vital information from a diverse set of multiple data sources. Enabling a data-driven culture starts with the sharing of data. Power BI can empower decision-makers by centralising data from silos into actionable visualisations. Power your business intelligence with Power BI.

Power BI is a dynamic Microsoft tool that allows businesses to view and analyse data like never before. And to optimise this product for your business, New Signature can create your Power BI solution that is customised to meet your needs and solve your business problems. And the power of this tool doesn’t end at the office door. New Signature can create a Power BI dashboard that is accessible through Power BI Mobile apps, which update in real time through the cloud and are accessible from any location.

New Signature can connect your Power BI dashboard across an organisation’s data sources, both on-premises and in the cloud. Allowing New Signature to build your Power BI package from the ground up will enhance your data-driven decision making capabilities.

All New Signature solutions begin with an in-depth analysis of your business functions, customers, and goals. We build relationships with our clients and use your information to build a customised package that is suited to your specific needs. From this, you can start taking your business strategies from reactive to proactive.

Key Features

Centralising Your Data

New Signature will build your Power BI analytics suite for all types of platforms. We can also save on your company’s investment by connecting your data sources and to create uniformity across platforms. Your Power BI dashboard will be available on any mobile device or desktop at any time, and will also leverage live data from our cloud-based service.

360 Support

New Signature does not only deliver the actual Power BI analytic tools to your business, but also acts as your prime support through the migration process with its team of Microsoft-certified consultants. Your customised solution begins with a comprehensive check-up of your business fitness and assesses which analytics may be most important for your company. Our developers will then work as your partner to migrate to your new dashboard, complete with information from your current databases and active directories. Finally, New Signature offers education before, during, and after your product launch. Be sure to check out our ongoing learning events for your team to continually learn more about Microsoft developments.

Democratising Your Data

Your Power BI dashboard will be enhanced to help meet your industry and specific company business goals. New Signature helps to mould your dashboard to display the most important analytics, as well as quickly accessible and prebuilt reports, and alerts for team members. We build the most robust Power BI dashboards, including intranet dashboards through SharePoint, that your business teams can easily monitor, shape and share data.

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