What if you could bring everyday objects to life? What if your supply chain could be automatically take action based on live data? What if your products could tell you how to make them better through connectivity and predictive technology? Well, now they can.

Significant improvements in cloud technologies and devices have opened the door for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. With a New Signature IoT solution, which works as an extension of Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite, we can partner with you to bring life, connectivity, and allow for actionable data collection, to the objects that surround your business. Gartner estimates that by 2020, our world will house over 20.8 billion connected “things” through the use of IoT technologies.

What is Azure IoT Suite?

(The big advantage now is that we can connect telemetry data and implement predictive intelligence)

We see the dawn of this technology around us more and more. The possibilities for this type of technology are endless, and this innovation can be applied to business hardware to aid in your processes. Hardware is an essential business tool; IoT technologies allow New Signature to develop your current hardware to deliver game-changing insights and data to your fingertips, in the form of a clean, organized dashboard for analysis.

New Signature creates a unique product and experience with each of our IoT business clients. Our team of Microsoft-certified consultants will assess your business and current analytics processes to determine how IoT technologies can be applied. The development process is a unique build every time, with cloud-based services that give analytics access to team members in any location. In the end, an IoT solution with New Signature can help your business improve efficiency, enable innovation, and ultimately transform your business.

Key Features


No matter your company’s industry, New Signature can help develop solutions to your business problems. From transportation and manufacturing to retail and the medical field, there are vital checkpoints in every business that can expand the reach of your business resources.


Because IoT is a cloud-based service, accessing and utilizing it once it is in place is simple. Any hardware that is optimized with IoT technology can be monitored remotely and in real time. Telemetric data collection allows for your IoT technology to house data automatically, building a framework for business analysis and predictive maintenance and strategies.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is not a futuristic technology trend; it’s the first step in becoming a truly digital business and it starts with your things. Learn more about getting started with IoT today!

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