Your existing technology and business machines possess a wealth of knowledge that can be accessed with New Signature IoT (Internet of Things) Services. We can enable your machine to collect valuable data and extend it into the cloud to bring you compelling and actionable metrics.

Data has always been valuable in business. But today, with the power of Azure’s IoT Suite (link), we can utilize the uncovered data in your business to take your operations from reactive to predictive. This puts your business ahead of the trend with deeper business understanding and enables you to provide better service to your customers.

Infographic: Your Journey to Becoming a Connected Enterprise

One challenge to the IoT solution implementation is that 71% of IoT projects get caught in what we call “pilot purgatory” and are never optimized and rolled out to scale, which leads to decreased benefits. New Signature has worked to develop some great learning material to start your journey toward an IoT solution and avoiding pilot purgatory. Register and download the material today!

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What is Azure IoT Suite?

New Signature creates a unique service experience with each of our IoT business clients. The Azure IoT Suite is made up of a host of technologies including IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Blob, Storage, Azure Machine Learning and Document DB.

Our team of Microsoft-certified consultants will assess your business and current analytics processes to determine how IoT technologies can be applied. The development process is a unique build every time, with cloud-based services that give analytics access to team members in any location. AN IoT solution with New Signature can help your business improve efficiency, enable innovation, and ultimately transform your business.

Key Features


Across all industries, New Signature can help develop solutions to your business problems. From transportation and manufacturing to retail and the medical field, there are key indicators in every business for which data can expand the reach of knowledge and enhance value.

Ease and Accessibility

Any hardware that is optimized with IoT technology can be monitored remotely and in real time. Telemetric data collection allows for your IoT technology to house data automatically, building a framework for business analysis and predictive maintenance and strategies.

Proof of Concept

Our Advanced Analytics experts will guide your team to determine your common pain points and use cases and identify how data manipulation can help to alleviate those problems and provide business value.

Get started quickly with Microsoft's Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not a futuristic technology trend; it’s the first step in becoming a truly digital business and it starts with your things. Learn more about getting started with IoT today!

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Use Cases

By employing New Signature to design a customized machine learning solution using IoT, a large Central Pennsylvania food processing company experienced transformational benefits and extended data discovery after connecting their manufacturing equipment to Azure, enabling them access live data and control their production process.

Additionally, a well-known Florida-based construction company was able to increase safety compliance by connecting job site gear to determine work attendance and ensure personal protective equipment is in place. The possibilities to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and generate new revenue streams are endless.

Get more out of your existing assets, and transform the future of your business today.

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