New Signature develops solutions for an array of industries that require a number of specific security configurations. Our team will ensure that compliance is achieved for Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, including SSL and end-point protections, Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, and HIPAA policies. Whether your company’s processes run through the cloud or on-premises, New Signature Microsoft-certified consultants and developers will work with your team to ensure that your security and governance needs are met.

For New Signature offerings that involve the use and access of sensitive data, our team provides each customer with all the aspects of security that protect data both on-premises, in the cloud, and during migration processes. And as customers of New Signature, you retain full control and complete ownership of your data.

Once your solution is in place, New Signature offers various forms of system fitness and health monitoring, including governance role definition and assistance in developing guiding principles and policies to help your team move forward with ease. We also have specialists in place who work towards recovery solutions for data and systems disasters. All this can be placed at the fingertips of your IT team through our educational adoption process, or opt for New Signature’s Managed Services to Be Your IT and support your solutions coordination for you.

Key Features

Plan-Build-Operate Model

Your New Signature solution will be built on a foundation that begins with an in-depth analysis of your business needs, which includes security requirements. Our Microsoft-certified consultants will partner with you to determine the best composition and strategy for your security, compliance, and governance.


In addition to delivering dynamic offerings, your company can also customize the level of IT support it receives from our certified staff. New Signature’s Managed Services team can either Be Your IT and manage those aspects for you, or we can educate and Help Your IT, acting as a support for your current in-house team.

Disaster Recovery Options

Being sure that your company can safeguard against and recoup from a potential disaster is just as important as generalized day-to-day security. New Signatures is stacked with options for any scenario.

Roles & Responsibilities

It's vital that your organization define a clear set of guiding policies and a team of those who are accountable for executing those policies and monitoring the solutions in place. Our New Signature experts can lend their expertise to the early stages of development in this regard and help to shift those responsibilities from our hands to yours.

New Signature offers customized and innovative solutions backed by the New Signature commitment to optimum security. Let us give you peace of mind about your solutions.

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